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Peace Education

We as human beings are war-like in our thought processes. Our communication, words and manner of conveying emotions suggests a predisposition towards violence.

Our Peace Education Resources and Workshops center around the core idea of peace being a process that begins from within: as empathy, respect for diversity or cultivating the value of mutual trust and tolerance.

Gender Equality

If all genders were equally respected, given their due, and were free to enjoy the inherent sovereignty they own over their minds and bodies, no other inequities would hold water.

Our Gender Equality Resources and Workshops center around the core idea of gender being a spectrum, beyond the ambit of the binary, and then couches approaches towards creating equality within that space.

GBV Sensitization

In both peacetime and wartime, the occurrence of gender-violence is a representation of dominance and aggression, and that the bodies are focal points for aggressive discrimination based on gender.

Our GBV Sensitization workshops help create awareness of violence as it exists - both as micro and macro aggression, and as structural and outright violence. We aim to build peaceful spaces through sensitization.

Our Work So far

What have we done?

Educational Institutions

  • Since 2014

    Curriculum Development

    We develop curriculums that can be included within the scope of regular and mainstream education systems. These curriculums are a product of deep-dive research and robust testing on ground.

  • Since 2014

    Workshops for young people

    We hold workshops for children and young people on peace education, gender equality and gbv sensitization. Our workshops focus on hands-on learning by creating safe and engaging spaces.

  • Since 2014

    Parent-Teacher Training

    We are increasingly conscious of the fact that parents and teachers continue to mould and influence young people. We work with them to help keep the momentum going on shaping young people to be sensitized citizens

Corporate Training

  • Since 2014


    We hold workshops for corporate establishments on peace education, gender equality and gbv sensitization. Our workshops focus on hands-on learning by creating safe and engaging spaces.

  • Since 2014

    WPSH Awareness

    In line with the legal requirements per the Vishakha Guidelines, we train workforces corporate and business establishments on sexual harassment awareness, reporting and conduct safety audits

  • Since 2014

    Safe Work Spaces

    We train the workforce in conflict resolution, conflict management, non-violent communication, tolerance and respect for diversity and peace-building through empathy to make workplaces safer and inclusive.

Our Accomplishments So Far

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parents and teachers

From the classroom

notes from our sessions

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Safety over a Summer Camp!

As a part of an ongoing summer camp that our volunteer, Vaishnavi Pallapothu conducted with her cousins in Chirala, Andhra Pradesh, the girls and boys sat down for a session to talk about safe and unsafe touches. Although many of the students are in English-medium schools, they find it difficult to converse and communicate fluently in English. Hence, using our resources, we were able to conduct the session in Telugu. Here are some images! 

Friday, 31 March 2017

I am the boss of my body!

We had a workshop at the Sprouts Montessori School, for children of Grades 1 and 2, and their parents, on Safe, Unsafe Touch and a Confusing Touches, staying safe bodily, and identifying and saving oneself from sexual abuse. Read on to know more!

While we recognize that the onus lies on people to NOT harm, rather than to not be harmed, the existence of individuals who perpetrate wrongdoing cannot be ignored. It is therefore imperative that we find ways to stay safe, and to keep a conversation centred around safety going. This inspired our intention to workshop with children and their parents.

We used our handouts and got the children to interact and share what their idea of safety is, who they designated as their safe adults, and even encouraged them to try out the "NO" from the no-run-tell exercise. Special thanks to Dr. Bhooshan of NoBadTouch and Pattie Fitzgerald for being the inspiration and the resources that informed our research before this session!

We talked to an age group that comprised children aged 5 and 6, The good part was that we were able to connect with them with the curriculum, and interact with them on an equally relevant footing, and send them home with a clear idea of what they should to to stay safe. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

We learn, we grow

This morning, we went to the Akshar Arbol International School on ECR, in Chennai just now for a workshop with kids from Class 2 and 3. We worked on Safe and Unsafe touches, conflict resolution and anger management, and worked on themes of personal integrity.


 Following the session, we had a very beautiful exchange with a little lad called Anirudh.  An 8 year old, Anirudh is a sweet, mindful young boy. This game you see in the photograph below was designed by him. It started as a basic game where you role a dice, and pick one of three chits - a plus, a minus and a stay where you are. You start at hundred. If you role the dice and pick plus, you wind up going ahead by as many spots as the dice shows. The minus means you go back.

When the workshop on safe and unsafe touches and non-violence ended, he came to me and gave it to me, and said this was for us, at REF, to use. I asked if this game could be reworked for gender equality with his permission.So now, he's given REF the honour of sharing this game with as many as we can. With his permission, we are publishing a designed version it on ChalkPeace, called "Anirudh's Plus and Minus." The little aluminium foil take homes you see here are a handmade paint palette and pen holder as thanks from his class :) The colourful thing in the centre is a photo frame they made by hand. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Breaking the Unconscious Bias

We were invited to host a Guest Lecture / Workshop at Kurukshetra, the tech-fest organized annually by the Students of the College of Engineering, Guindy, under the Anna University. We looked at the theme of breaking unconscious bias and building equality through conscious thinking and critical reasoning. We explored themes of sex-and-gender, intersectionality and how gender goes beyond the binary. We also had a fun activity where we got the students to deconstruct stereotypical thinking, and had them go beyond the ordinary, to dig deeper and to examine why they interact with others in the way that they do. We had close to a hundred students attending the event, and with rapt attention and great inputs, we got to learn a lot in the process!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Shaping the Future

We had an immensely fulfilling time with the young women at the SRS Sarvodaya Hostel in Chennai last week, where we worked on safe and unsafe touches, the concept of consent and personal integrity and simple ways to stay safe. As an ice-breaker, we started by asking the girls to share their names and their ambitions / dreams - it was touching and inspiring to see such a band of bright, energetic and vibrant young women, nurturing ambitions and goals including such things as becoming pilots, doctors, singers, teachers, lawyers, diplomats and even police officers. Thanks to Sneha Sridhar, Varsha Balajee, Vaishnavi Pallapothu and Ms Saraswathi Anoop of the Akshar Aarbol International School for including us within the scope and ambit of Sneha Sridhar's CAS Project, which put all this together.

During the session, one of the girls asked us a question that made us think deeply. "Sometimes, no matter what we wear, we are groped / harassed / abused. Does this mean that we must dress conservatively?" We explained to her that NOTHING she did or chose to do did or would ever ask for abuse or harassment, and, that NOTHING she did or chose to wear did or would ever ask for abuse or harassment. We told her that she should never assume responsibility for the wrongdoing of another. It was an insightful and profound moment for the girls to reflect upon, for being fed multiple messages that the girl is at fault for every incident of abuse she faces had taken away some element of her personal agency. Later, the girl herself, stood before the class and sang us a song - of course, out of the fact that she aspired to be a singer. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Peace Doodles across a Digital Platform

The Red Dot Foundation, the pioneering brains behind Safecity, had a retreat for their team, and we got to work with them to host a Zen Doodle Workshop. But this one was with a twist: we did it all virtually using Skype. Chennai and Mumbai sat together all morning for a fun exchange, and both sides of the digital divide walked home richer.

Kirthi started by introducing the team to the idea of doodling, and then took them through some basic designs and patterns. She then had the team do a fun partnering activity that encouraged them to interact with a member in the team that they hadn’t had a chance to interact with, just yet.

Here are some images from the session today! 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Empowering young women

We had a workshop with the young women from The Damini Club at the Stella Maris College, Chennai. The Damini Club works extensively to open up spaces for conversations around gender equality, ending gender based violence and finding sustainable routes towards the empowerment of women. We explored themes of individual empowerment, social / communal empowerment and empowerment in the larger scheme of world affairs and placing oneself in global conversations.


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