Saturday, 15 October 2016

Safe and Unsafe Touches

We had a workshop at the Akshar Arbol International School for children of Grades 1 to 5, and their parents, on Safe, Unsafe Touch and a Confusing Touches, staying safe bodily, and identifying and saving oneself from sexual abuse. Read on to know more!

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Train the Trainers

Read on to know about our recent workshop with teachers on Gender Equality.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Peacebuilding 101

Following our conversation with young women at the Stella Maris College, in Chennai on the International Day of Peace, we had a workshop around themes of Peacebuilding and Storytelling on September 28, 2016. We worked on ideas relating to communication, perspectives and empathy building through telling our stories. The girls were enthusiastic participants who made intriguing contributions. Here's what the session was like!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Zendoodle for Peace: Take 2

We are one of the organizations around the world that is putting together an event for the SDGs alongside World Merit on July 24, 2016. As part of our work with World Merit, we hosted a Zendoodle for Peace Workshop at That Madras Place, in Chennai. Read on for more on what we did!

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How about for some impact, now?

A little while ago, we received this image on WhatsApp, which we promptly sent about to all our groups. We had some bizarre answers, some ridiculous ones that made us laugh, some outright creepy ones. Most people rounded in on saying that the answer was that the doctors were female.

Among the answers we received, we had a brilliant answer from Dhivya Thiagarajan, a middle school student at the Akshar Arbol International School. She guessed that the three doctors could be female, transgender or a-gender.
How many of us think that way? It was truly a moment of happiness for us to see that our work around deconstructing Gender as a binary, and breaking gender stereotypes permeated so deeply. GREAT WORK, Divya! We are INCREDIBLY Proud of you!
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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Leadership and Role Models

We worked with a delightful bunch of students from Class 5 at the Akshar Arbol International School, focusing on role models and leadership skills. Read on to know more about our workshop!
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