Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fitting In

This is a short play, written by Lea Gabay, centering around the theme of "fitting in" against a backdrop of broader constructs that centre around principles of empathy, mutual respect, diversity and respectful conduct built on the values of equality and tolerance.

The play centres around four characters. Shahnaz, who is in her third year of university. She is studying to become an engineer. She is extroverted and likes sharing her opinions about a variety of topics. Carlos is in his second year of university and he is studying Business and International Relations. He is known for being very outgoing and sociable, and hopes to make American and international friends in order to feel more integrated into the culture. Tuấn Anh is in his second year of university and is studying Music. He was quite popular at his university and had many friends there. However, now that he is in the US, he is more reserved and shy. Yasmina is in her final year of university and is studying Sociology. She is bicultural/bilingual with a Syrian father and a German mother. She grew up speaking both languages. She is sociable and is caring and supportive of her peers. Yasmina wears a hijab (a traditional headscarf worn by Muslim women).
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To read the play, click here.

Lea Gabay is a French American graduate student who is studying for a Master's in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at San Francisco State University in San Francisco, CA. She previously taught English as a Foreign Language for several years in various countries, particularly in Vietnam. She is passionate about interfaith dialog building, social justice, women's rights, and plans to teach adult literacy and English as a Foreign Language to refugee and immigrant populations.


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