Saturday, 16 July 2016

Gender Equality, Consent and Staying Safe

The third session for the students aged 14 to 16 (Classes 9 to 12) at the Akshar Arbol International School related to consent and safety. Read on for a detailed update!

We had an interesting activity to deconstruct the meaning and the implications of consent, where the students engaged in taking home the message that it is both wrong and unfair to expect another to do something that we ourselves would not do, and to understand that saying no also and only means no. The students participated in the activity equally - the boys and the girls shared honestly.

The next step was to identify how consent operates: kinds of consent and which of them are acceptable (implicit, explicit, informed and uninformed), what consent as a concept offers up as consequences, what refusal / rejection as a concept offers up as consequences, how to make an informed decision, and how to seek out the help and support of a trusted person before making a decision to consent or not consent. This was shared in both, a relationship context and a sexual context - although towards the end of the session, the former appeared to be more relevant since the children were not already and did not seem to be in favour of immediately being sexually active.

We then looked at ways to stay safe, and identifying comfortable ways to say no. We finished the session with an appreciation and respect exercise.


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