Friday, 15 July 2016

Gender Equality, Media Messages, Good Touches and Bad Touches

The third session of our workshop with the children of Akshar Arbol International School, aged between 11 and 13 (Classes 6 to 8) centered around media messages on gender, and a separate segment on good, bad and confusing touches.

We started with showing the children some videos. We showed them a video called "Girls and Boys" by Marcia Miloa, Slap Her - the FanPage video and a HansaPlast advertisement. In all the three videos, we asked the children to identify what they thought were the themes, inaccuracies, positive and negative messages and stereotypes and ideas that they were being shown. The participation was enriching, and each child seemed to participate with an informed understanding of all that was being showed to them.

We finished with the Fan Page video, and the discussion organically led into the next segment, which was on good touches, bad touches and confusing touches, and the concept of personal safety. The children were not inhibited, nor were they willing to be anything but genuinely serious about it - there was no giggling or embarrassed participation. 


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