Thursday, 14 July 2016

Gender Equality, Open Conversations and Communication

We held the first instalment of the gender equality workshop for children between ages fourteen and sixteen (Classes 9 to 12) at the Akshar Arbol International School, Chennai. We looked at gender stereotypes, deconstructing stereotypes, and the value of open communication.  

We focused on experiential sharing, and invited students to talk about their interests in terms of what they saw as their ambitions in life, their fears, and their role models. We then built into the conversation by engaging on the gender quotient and the role it plays in structuring choices. It was interesting to note that many of the children were considerably self-actualised, with their ambitions ranging from "Being happy"  to "Being satisfied" to "Making a difference."

The kids were open minded and empathetic, and enthusiastic.

We mapped a few differences and similarities between the groups, and created safe spaces to exchange ideas, thoughts and perceptions of the genders. 


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