Saturday, 23 July 2016

Zendoodle for Peace

We are one of the organizations around the world that is putting together an event for the SDGs alongside World Merit on July 24, 2016. As part of our work with World Merit, we hosted a Zendoodle for Peace Workshop at That Madras Place, in Chennai. Read on for more on what we did!

We started with the basics of Zendoodling, and taught the participants some basic ideas on patterns, shapes, squiggles, techniques and stationery that can be used to doodle. We then had them follow suit. 

Next, we got each person to partner with someone in the room to doodle one half of a circle on a piece of paper, according to their interest. The idea was to help them communicate with one another, as part of SDG 17 - to build partnerships, to address the future. 

Shobana and Madhavan were paired together for this exercise. Madhavan drew faces of all genders, and Shobana completed it with her take on life, suggesting that no matter who we are, in the grand scheme of things, we are all fellow passengers on the journey of life – and in the end, it doesn’t really matter what our genders are, and in her own words, “Why should we even bother being be divisive?” Shobana had drawn what appeared to Madhavan like life on earth – flora, and he completed it by filling in life in air and in water. We loved their combined emphasis on SDG 5, SDG 14 and SDG 15!

Lavanya and Uthpala were partners for this round. Lavanya drew life on land, and Uthpala complemented it with a portrayal of how forest fires can be harmful. Uthpala had drawn what seemed like the environment to Lavanya, who then complemented it with a bit of aquatic life. SDG 14 and 15, and SDG 13 came to life!

Harini and Ammu doodled their versions of the environment, and responded to each other based on what the portrayals seemed like, to them. SDG 13! 

Kiran and Sukriti, Tejaswini and Siddharth, Hemangi and Saranya, and  Guhapriya and Swathi, shared intricate patterns, and they responded to the other’s work by mirroring each other’s contributions, while adding to it and developing it with their own creativity. Way to celebrate SDG 17!


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