Thursday, 23 February 2017

We learn, we grow

This morning, we went to the Akshar Arbol International School on ECR, in Chennai just now for a workshop with kids from Class 2 and 3. We worked on Safe and Unsafe touches, conflict resolution and anger management, and worked on themes of personal integrity.

 Following the session, we had a very beautiful exchange with a little lad called Anirudh.  An 8 year old, Anirudh is a sweet, mindful young boy. This game you see in the photograph below was designed by him. It started as a basic game where you role a dice, and pick one of three chits - a plus, a minus and a stay where you are. You start at hundred. If you role the dice and pick plus, you wind up going ahead by as many spots as the dice shows. The minus means you go back.

When the workshop on safe and unsafe touches and non-violence ended, he came to me and gave it to me, and said this was for us, at REF, to use. I asked if this game could be reworked for gender equality with his permission.So now, he's given REF the honour of sharing this game with as many as we can. With his permission, we are publishing a designed version it on ChalkPeace, called "Anirudh's Plus and Minus." The little aluminium foil take homes you see here are a handmade paint palette and pen holder as thanks from his class :) The colourful thing in the centre is a photo frame they made by hand. 


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