Friday, 30 June 2017

Staying Safe and Being Smart

We had a workshop at the Sprouts Montessori School, for children of Grades 3 to 5, and their parents, on Safe, Unsafe and Confusing Touches, staying safe bodily, and identifying and saving oneself from sexual abuse. Read on to know more!

While we recognize that the onus lies on people to NOT harm, rather than to not be harmed, the existence of individuals who perpetrate wrongdoing cannot be ignored. It is therefore imperative that we find ways to stay safe, and to keep a conversation centred around safety going. This inspired our intention to workshop with children and their parents.

We used our handouts and got the children to interact and share what their idea of safety is, who they designated as their safe adults, and even encouraged them to try out the "NO" from the no-run-tell exercise. Special thanks to Dr. Bhooshan of NoBadTouch and Pattie Fitzgerald for being the inspiration and the resources that informed our research before this session!

We talked to an age group that comprised children aged 5 and 6, The good part was that we were able to connect with them with the curriculum, and interact with them on an equally relevant footing, and send them home with a clear idea of what they should to to stay safe. 


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