Friday, 21 July 2017

We're all Equal!

In today's session with the kids at Sprouts Montessori, we got them to watch a few videos around gender equality, and it opened up room for an interesting conversation. After our first video, we took home an important discussion on boys and showing emotion, and how we can all work from a place where we respect one another, and that crying is fundamentally human. It was amazing to watch the children themselves conclude that telling a boy not to cry or telling a girl that she didn't smile enough was unfair. In the second video, we watched how stereotypes are built - and then proceeded to talk about how girls and boys are often forced to make certain career choices, certain life choices and the like. It was interesting to watch how many of them centered their conversation around how no career is uniquely / singularly restricted to boys or girls alone. Finally, we watched our last video that talked about violence against women - which led to a difficult discussion where many of the children themselves knew of instances of violence, and wanted to stop it. It was enlightening to watch them come to conclusions of equality on their own.

What made our hearts sink was the mention of "why men kill women" by a girl. She proceeded to say, "Men don't like women. They are scared that if women are alive, more women can be born. So they kill women before they are born, after they are born, when they grow up - but they forget that they cannot be born without women. We should teach men not to hit, hurt or kill."


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